Early Morning Thursdays: Podcasts and Interviews

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Early Morning Thursdays: Podcasts and Interviews
Hi guys, I thought I might try out a thread for early mornings (for the US, at least) on one of the least active days on MFA. This thread wouldn’t necessarily try super hard for deep discussion a la /u/sconleye’s later posts of the day, but instead focus on media, and posting relatively easy to digest content that one can go back to and read, or listen to during a lull in the workday.This week, I want to try and collect a good amount of interviews, podcasts, and other relatively short-form pieces related to men’s fashion. Here’s a few that I’ve found, and if you know of any, please post them in the comments below.The Talks has a wealth of good interviews with people in all walks of life, and there’s a good chunk of interviews of people in fashion. Here are a few selected ones:Tom FordRick OwensThom BrowneCraig GreenBlamo! is a podcast by Jeremy Kirkland who talks to various people in the fashion world, from designers to GQ editors to street photographers. My two favorite episodes:Robert GellerLawrence Schlossman – great one especially because of the role Schlossman has played in advancing the internet culture around men’s fashion
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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