[Help] Business Casual Business Traveler: How to look good when you need functionality?

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[Help] Business Casual Business Traveler: How to look good when you need functionality?
Hello mfa,I’m struggling to pick a shoe as I rebuild my wardrobe for a new job. I’ve read through the wiki and guides, but there are some twists outside office/school life that they just don’t cover. Here’s the background and needs:Business casual for traveling job in a corporate and remote branch environment.I will be traveling 5 days a week across North America all year roundThere are two kinds of luggage, carry-on and lost. I will only be able to take two pairs of shoes with me on trips and one will be workout shoes.I’m leaning on the chino, button down, no tie look. Mostly neutral colorsFit (and therefor comfort) are important as I walk around branch locations, airports, etcA non-slip sole is also important as I will need to be in some outdoor locations quite oftenI feel like I’m pretty tough on my gear. Shoes either have to still look good with wear, be tough enough to not show wear, or just cheap enough to replace often.I am very flat footed, hardly any arch, relatively wide footOutside of the office I absolutely love lightweight, minimalist running shoes for working out, or a nice pair of sandals around my beach town.US basedWith all this, I’m really struggling to figure out a show that will perform as I need and still look good. Help me obi-wan-mfa, you’re my only hope.
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