Tailored casual clothes?

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Tailored casual clothes?
I’m a 6 ft 7 12.5 stone man with a slight frame, so I am all day every day having a tall. I’m kind of like what you’d get if you took the photo of a person of average build after mashing all people of average people build into a data soup of average and stretched their torso and limbs but left everything else the same. My feet are size 9 yet I am perfectly capable of standing on a floor which is quite strange but I am happy to be able to do this.I like to dress well, it makes me feel supreme and it is great. Yet whenever I go to stores (which is currently only topman because they are the only shop which seems to occasionally stock fitting clothes that I like) I look at the clothes and think yes and then I try them on and then I think no because either the shoulders are the right width and the length reveals my happy trail which ironically makes me unhappy or it fits length ways but fits me like a bin bag. I wondered if there existed any website like asos which allow for tailored fits of clothing without arbitrary measurements that make me do an aesthetic so I don’t have to go on jacamo and feel depressed. I am very much exasperated by this situation because it makes doing a fashion very difficult.Cheers
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