To determine the fit of jeans….

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To determine the fit of jeans….’ve always had trouble finding the right size. I’ve lost weight several times throughout my life, and I’ve gotten really used to the (very comfortable but maybe a bit unflattering) loose fit of my jeans. I decided I need to have some properly fitting ones. It’s actually quite difficult to find straight fit jeans in my size. Depending on the brand I’m somewhere around 29-30 inches.The jeans I’m wearing in the link I bought in 29 first and returned. The ones you see there are 30. The 29 felt too tight. It was tight in the crotch and buttocks area when sitting down, and of course as I am used to a (too) loose fit, I was quite frustrated with “feeling my jeans” all the time. It just didn’t seem very comfortable and I even started wondering why I would want well fitting jeans if it means discomfort, lol. But I’m not giving up too easily.Now, these 30’s are comfortable enough…. in comparison to what I’m used to – which is oversize. But are they too big? I do notice they slide down somewhat. Not a lot, but enough for me to need to pull them up every now and then. Is that fine, or is that never supposed to happen, and should they be totally snug?
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