Casual XS Shirt Advice

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Casual XS Shirt Advice
Hi all -I’m 5′ 7″ and am constantly looking for good button-up casual shirts, both long and short sleeve. I’m a slim build, and find that pretty much all shirts in size small are too big for me, so I need brands that come in XS — even then, many are too boxy.I’ve had luck with Bonobos in the past, with their XS Slim, but their fits seem to be wildly inconsistent across styles. Sometimes I would end up with shirts that were skin tight, and other times I’d end up with ones that were a boxy mess.I’ve also tried Frank & Oak, and find them to be inconsistent as well, and often far too long. I’m slim, but also short, so length is a concern here. J Crew can fit well at times, but is also often too long.Any recommendations? As far as styling goes, I like much of what Bonobos offers.. modern, casual looks and occasionally nice patterns. I just wish I could find something that was more consistent.One last note: Uniqlo shirts do seem to fit me well, however stylistically they’re pretty boring and the quality is less than desirable.
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