Good 27/28 waist Chinos in Europe (Should I just import from the U.S.?)

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Good 27/28 waist Chinos in Europe (Should I just import from the U.S.?)
Hey,I am from Germany and I’m currently struggling to find good 27/28 waist Chinos. To be honest, when looking through the internet I came to the conclusion that 27 Chinos don’t exist, but 28 Chinos could be alright as well. I’ve done a lot of looking through google and MFA, but I didn’t really find anything. I’ve had bad experiences with H&M and I’d rather avoid buying from them. I wish I could just buy some Uniqlo ones, but they go only down to 29. Some other options I came across are:Massimo Dutti (which a a lot of people said is pretty much the European J.Crew): Unfortunately I didn’t find a Chino with a 28 waistEsprit: Same as with Massimo DuttiBonobos: I contacted their customer service to ask if there is a way to ship them to Europe and they said that I might have some luck with, since they offer international shipping and also have Bonobos stuff. Unfortunately when I looked all Bonobos clothes had a “This ships to U.S. addresses only.” note and when I mailed their customer service they told me that all of their Bonobos stuff only ships to U.S. addresses as well.J.Crew: This is the one I’m currently most inclined to buy. The problem is this will be expensive as hell. Let’s say I’d want to buy the Broken-in chino pant in 484 slim fit. I’d have to pay €80,70 for the article, €5,00 for shipping and €17,47 tax which would result in me paying €103,17 = $115,52 for a single J.Crew Chino. I don’t really know why, but apart from the taxes and shipping, even the base price is much higher on the German page than it is on the USA page (which is $68.00). When looking through MFA comments regarding the cost of J.Crew Chinos I often saw comments like “They’re alright if you get them for about $50, but I can’t justify buying them for $90” or similar. Shit, I’d have to pay even more than that! People always said to wait for Sales when it comes to J.Crew, but considering that even the base price is much higher for me already I don’t know if it’ll actually come down to a decent price for me. For example the Essential chino pant in 484 slim fit is on sale, but it’s still €71,26.So that’s where I’m at. To be honest, instead of looking for European brands I’d much rather import U.S. Chinos since it’s much easier to find infortmation about their quality and fit on MFA for example, but of course I’m also willing to listen to people who have some advice regarding European Brands. Would it make sense to find a person who’ll buy for example either J.Crew or Bonobos Chinos and ship them to me? (Is this a place where I can find such a person?)Thanks for any kind of help!
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