My experience with 4 online MTM shirt retailers

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My experience with 4 online MTM shirt retailers
I’ve been ordering shirts from a few different retailers and thought I’d share my experience here. These retailers all cost less than $100 per shirt which puts them in the price lower segment. I’m happy to answer any questions. Bombay Shirt Company (3 shirts)Ordering: Pretty good shirt designer with many options. Limited information about fabrics however. No option for slim fit model, rather you specify the exact measurements for the shirt instead of giving your body measurements.Shirt: Fabric good. Fit good but not excellent. As opposed to the other retailers here they have 7 buttons instead of 8, meaning the shirt doesn’t stay tucked as well. Also, the fabric is folded at the seams instead of cut to the right size. This means that you have a bit of a lump at the arms and side of the shirt (but I guess also means that you can adjust the size more easily yourself).Customer service: Good. They were able to adjust measurement after I placed an order, and honoured (after some negotiations) on a marketing promise that apparently was not meant to be sent to customers outside India. iTailor (3 shirts)Ordering: Shirt designer works well but not enough information about fabrics. Shirts are always shipped separately so you need to add the shipping cost for every shirt, no advantage of ordering several shirts at the same time.Shirt: Fabric not the best I’ve experienced but I’ve been happy with the build. Fits very well.Customer service: They’ve been good in helping me with an issue I had before purchase. Apparently you can also contact them to adjust sizes not featured in the online designer. Modern tailor (1 shirt)Ordering: Poor experience with no online editor, just a list of selections you make.Shirt: I ordered their test shirt which granted has lower fabric quality, but the fabric is really bad. Fit however is also very poor.Customer service: No experience Tailorstore (3 shirts)Ordering: Very good online editor, good information about their fabrics as well. They promote their production-CSR which think is very good, and makes me want to prefer them. Very good fit guarantee.Shirt: Their easy-care fabrics aren’t really easy-care in my opinion – it wrinkles very easily and quickly (though is also ironed easily). Also collar has gotten some wrinkles that are permanent. However shirt quality otherwise has been excellent with very good fit as well.Customer service: Amazing. I wrote them about a shirt that broke, asking how to adjust the measurements to avoid it happening again and specifically saying I’m not looking for compensation as it broke due to a fault of mine. They however anyway credited me the full value of the shirt to let me order it again. Out of these ones I rate Tailorstore the highest and Modern tailor the lowest. Have you had similar experiences as I? Below are referral links with discounts, in case you are fine with using that. Otherwise use any link above.Bombay Shirt CompanyItailor referral code for discount: IT170618370Tailorstore
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