Sport coat (and other clothes!) for Short Torso, Broad Chest, Slim Waist, and Long arms?

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Sport coat (and other clothes!) for Short Torso, Broad Chest, Slim Waist, and Long arms?
My poor boyfriend can never find anything off the rack that fits him (or is even close to fitting him). Since the internet is such a great resource I figured I could maybe ask for some help here! (I searched through the forum and have not seen this situation addressed before.) He is 6 feet tall, has long arms but a short torso, broad chest and a slim waist. We went to a few stores and the closest he got to a decent fit was at J crew, but there was still a problem with it (I think the length of the arms was off maybe?). He didn’t buy that one. He bought one that he instantly regretted buying at Macy’s – even if he gets it tailored it probably wouldn’t look right because the length has to be altered in a way that would probably throw off the proportions. Based on measurements, it appears he should be a 40 long. The only issue is that it seems to be too long in the torso! But the arm length would be perfect. He has a fair complexion as well so he is searching for a navy sport coat if anyone has more specific suggestions.If you have suggestions for other types of clothes that would be helpful too. Polo v necks and h&m v neck t shirts fit him well but he has only two button up long sleeve shirts that he likes the fit of. He wears a large because of his chest but his other measurements coincide with a medium.Does anyone have any suggestions on where to shop and what fits he should be looking for? I will provide any additional information that may help! Thanks in advance.
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