Weatherproof, yet sleek? (similar to Moncler)

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Weatherproof, yet sleek? (similar to Moncler)
I am brazilian, thus rarely experience really cold weather (min here is around 4ºc).Buuut I am going on a trip to Patagonia the 5th of July (winter out there), so I needed an outer jacket that was wind resistant, water resistant and warm enough for long periods of exposure to snow and heavy, heavy winds at the mountains, practicing some light sport activities like dog sleighing and snowbiking.Also, something to have in my wardrobe for when I go to snowy Europe. Got family there, just never went in winter, always chose may/april.I’m buying online. In Brazil you won’t find almost any weatherproof clothing…The things is: I really don’t like the looks of most weatherproof jackets, like Canada Goose ones. Also, never liked the idea of looking like a blimp (yeah I’m talking to you, North Face puffers!)I needed something that fitted my style (I can elaborate on that). The slimmest the fit, the better, just like everything I use.The two brands I fell in love with?Moncler. Goes without saying, but I’ll say anyway: I love how they do make puffers, yet keep them classy; elegant looking. But they’re not selling winter collection as of nowNicole Benisti (especially the Bushwick one), because of how they mix fabrics, have a fashionable, young look and… boy those colored furs. But I do know their cold protection is not something to be proud of at that price tag. I just like the looks on their jackets, is all.So, any similar suggestions? Is there a sleek, fashionable brand that will also protect me against heavy wind and prolonged exposure to snow? I don’t mind the idea of layering, since I already own some second skins, polar fleeces and whatnotThanks!
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