Student looking to step up his game on informal wear. Questions about “long” pants/trousers and shirts

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Student looking to step up his game on informal wear. Questions about “long” pants/trousers and shirts
Hey MFA, I’m a student looking to step up his game a bit but with practical use in mind. I am a skateboarder I’m a bit scared that some clothes will fit too tight and my agility might be compromised.I rarely (read never) need to dress formally. So I need a wardrobe for just daily things like going to lectures and some after class skatesessions. Maybe a cafe date once in a while.The one thing I won’t change of what I have right now is shoes. I (have to) buy skateshoes and usually I wear janoski’s. I am almost daily on a board so other shoes would wear out way too quickly. On top of that I have 2-3 almost new pairs so I’m settled for atleast 5-6 months.So first what I DO have. I have a number of regular jeans that are alright, 2 shorts that are still intact but one is too wide since I’m quite thin, like 10 T-shirts with in black/white/darkblue some with prints, some sweatshirts and a couple hoodies. That’s about it.Until this point of my life my mom mostly bought clothes for me so I have no idea what to look for. I am reading up the wiki but I am a bit overwhelmed with information.So I have the following questions with the current season in mind (where I am it’s between 20-35 degrees celsius in the summer, I sweat easily):Do I need shirts yes or no? (I do like the look of them but do not want to look like “that guy” who dresses formally too class everyday). If yes what do I have to look for in a shirt apart from the fit. I was thinking about buying at least some short sleeved shirts because right now I only have T-shirts to wear.If I want some long pants for the summer what type should I buy? Trousers? What do I need to keep in mind buying those? Are they durable enough when I fall of my skateboard. I think jeans are too warm right now.Anything else I didn’t think about? I will buy some better fitting shorts as well.I don’t need anything too fancy, Just something so I like alright. I do not have a specific budget but I won’t spent too much because I’m a student.Thanks a lot in advance If more information or pictures are necessary ask away and I will deliver!
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