How Tight Should Your Jeans Be

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How Tight Should Your Jeans Be
I answered this question for someone on Quora, thought it’d share it on MFA. Enjoy!The main to consider when deciding how “skinny” to go with your jeans is your body type. The goal with clothing and body type is to create balance. For example, if you are heavier at the top, you don’t want to go too skinny with your jeans, otherwise you will look like a popsicle. However, if your jeans are a slim or straight leg, it will create balance and nothing will look out of proportion.Popular jean “fits” are: skinny, slim, slim-straight, straight, relaxedHere is what you should consider:What is your body type?Body TypesThere are 5 main body types for men: Rectangle (slim), Triangle (just a belly), Trapezoid (average), Oval (heavy), and Inverted Triangle (buff). These body types all relate to how your upper body is shaped.How Skinny Should You Go?Here’s a breakdown of body types and examples (images of people with those body shapes are in the links):Rectangle ExampleRectangles can go as skinny as they want because they are naturally slim people. To keep balance, make sure your top is fitted too.Triangle ExampleTriangles should go for a slim pair of jeans. If Triangles go too skinny, the stomach is more obvious. If they go too loose, it will make them look bigger than they are.Trapezoid ExampleTrapezoids are lucky because this is the body shape designers make their clothing for. They can go ask skinny as they want, however, it’s important to make sure the bottom looks balanced with the top (i.e. skinny jeans = slim fit shirt). Jeans do stretch out as they are worn, so don’t be shy if your jeans are hugging your thighs slightly. However, make sure it’s not uncomfortably hugging your thigh to the point it looks like a legging.Oval ExampleOvals should go for slim to straight legs, depending on how big their upper body and lower body is. The bigger and rounder you are at the top, the looser your jeans should be to create balance. When I say “loose”, I don’t mean baggy. It’s important to shape your legs to look stylish and slim.Inverted Triangle ExampleIf you are buff, it’s generally a good idea to stick to a slim-straight fit. Dwayne Johnson is an extreme example of an Inverted Triangle, but you can see how his jeans still shape his legs and create balance with his upper body. If you are buff, but have a smaller frame, you can go slimmer with your jeans.The last thing I would say about fit that applies to all body types is to make sure the length of your jeans fit you nicely. Having excessive fabric collect at the bottom will make you look shorter and frumpy. Also, remember to wash your jeans with cold water and hang dry them to make them last longer (i.e. avoid the dryer).Overall, these are general guidelines in deciding how skinny you should go with your jeans. It’s important to keep comfort in mind. Always remember to dress for your body and not give into trends if they don’t suit you. The important thing is to look confident and have your clothing fit you well.
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