Office shoes for my husband’s sweaty feet?

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Office shoes for my husband’s sweaty feet?
Hi all, I’m new to this sub, so I’ll do my best to follow the rules.My husband works in a business casual environment, and we’ve been having trouble finding shoes for him for years now. He’s not a stylish guy and tends towards whatever’s comfortable and easy. He doesn’t want to have to think about what he’s wearing. His daily outfit consists of a dark pair of jeans and a plaid button down.Trouble is that his feet are really sweaty and he gets uncomfortable in pretty much any shoes but sneakers. He can technically wear sneakers to work but others in the office don’t. Initially, he wore something like this loafer so I switched him to a waxed canvas oxford thinking it would breathe. He said it didn’t and his feet were hot anyway.Could it be his socks keeping his feet hot? He wears basic fruit of the loom ankle socks in white and black.I’m just looking for any shoe/sock suggestions or solutions. He’s a size 8ish with wide feet, and since he’s cheap, I’m looking to stay under $100 (closer to $50 would be best if doable). His birthday is coming up, so I thought a few good pairs of shoes would be a good (if boring) gift.Thanks!
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