Backpacks 2017

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Backpacks 2017
The modern backpack: necessity for transporting just about anything you don’t want in your hands.I am currently looking for a backpack to transport all my clunky items between lectures without the backpack itself looking clunky. I have noticed a trend in fold-over top backpacks. They look quite nice and easily differentiate themselves from an ‘elementary’ backpack.I am looking into a quality grey canvas and leather bag so far:Amazon: Bagerly, Lightweight Outdoor Travel Bag, $29.29Amazon: Wenjie, Unisex Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack, $25.99Amazon: Befaire, Rucksack Laptop School College Bookbag, $27.99Please help me by expanding this list. I am personally not quite satisfied with the ‘cheap (still on a student budget)’ choices I have found thus far. I also hope this list helps other university students looking to get a new bag for the nest academic year.
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