Wedding suit – need suggestions for shirt and tie

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Wedding suit – need suggestions for shirt and tie
Hail and well met my dudes,I’m getting married in October at a semi-rustic, mountain venue outside of Asheville NC. I bought this three piece suit from ASOS. I like it a lot, but it still needs to be tailored. Here are pictures of me in it: 1 2 3I need advice on two things.My Shirt and TieI’m having trouble coming up with a good combo for the shirt and tie. Our wedding palette is similar to this, and in the strictest sense my sample outfit above gets the job done. However I’d like something more creative for a few reasons:I like that sort of thingNot sure I want to match the bridesmaids so closely (they’re wearing this)My GrooomsmenI’m not entirely sure I want my groomsmen to match me, color-wise. Do you think they could wear slightly darker suits, or wear different color shirts? Matching somewhat is the tradition, but I’m not sure it’s a good look to be surrounded by an army of little matching wedding boys.Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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