Broke College Student Wardrobe Help?

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Broke College Student Wardrobe Help?
Hey everyone! I’m in need of some advice, I’m looking to make an actual wardrobe for the first time in my life, as opposed to my normal flannel & jeans, or t-shirt & jeans + some joggers. I’m 6’0″, about 145lbs, and athletic. I usually fit a small shirt in American brands.I’m looking to get a pair or two of new shoes (one that I can run in for work and possibly use at the gym, and one other, possibly lighter brown boots or canvas vans? ~$120 for both.) Because of where I work, I get a discount on shoes at some stores in my town. So the more common brand or style, the better. (While yes, I agree, white Vans are definitely a good go-to. I don’t think I could keep them white for long.)I have to wear tucked in polos (or polo-like shirts) for work (think country club valet outfit), but my company is lenient on types of pants. I’m in need of some advice in colours to buy in polos, any specific brands that don’t make a trapezoid body shape look like a box and drown in fabric, as well as good pants + colours to get.For more casual attire what should I go for? I’m looking at the basic, neutral t-shirts, but any pants suggestions?Any good suggestions on outdoors outfits? I go camping and backpacking a lot, and hiking every other day or so. Mostly just looking for good athletic shorts or pants?I’m pretty new to this whole fashion thing, and just about ready to scream “stranger danger!” or “I need an adult!” so, I apologize if I sound like an idiot.
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