Good quality, durable Chuck Taylor-like sneakers?

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Good quality, durable Chuck Taylor-like sneakers?
Do they exist?They don’t have to be original Converse or anything, just a very similar style (i.e. rubber or rubber-like sole with a soft material on top, be it something textile or leather [although i’d like to avoid the painted “shiny” leather. better brushed or raw])I’ve gone through some iterations and none seem to last more than 2 years (or more accurately 4 “seasons” as i only wear them in late spring and all summer. and even that is pushing it) before starting to fall apart pretty much everywhere. and they don’t even get any kind of abuse. just regular walking and sittingi’ve gone through countless CTs, other style Converse, Adidas, Nikes, the s.o. through Pepe Jeans and Hilfiger and probably others i was only last year that i tried a Napapijri model, naively thinking that a company focusing on more wintery, durable and stylish gear would also have higher build quality for their footwear. they even looked the part, with nice brushed leather for the upper soft part and stitching on the rubber (which i [as well as the store lady] mistakenly thought it was actually stitching the rubber to the rest of the shoe… but it was only for style 😦 )… and in the end it started falling apart much sooner than any other shoe i’ve tried, even the good ole CTs, which are like a third of the price, lolso… is it a wild-goose chase, a unicorn, my Moby Dick, or do sneakers like this actually exist?first time posting here so i hope i didn’t break any rules and thanks in advance for any advice 🙂
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