$100 MFA Summer Starter Kit II: Meet The Parents Edition

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$100 MFA Summer Starter Kit II: Meet The Parents Edition
Hi friends. Back for round 2 of the summer starter kit.In this post, we’ll try to get you set with some basics that would be good for a slightly less casual look – think company picnic, relaxed summer dress code at work or meeting your significant others parents for the first time.Here’s the kit visuallyDetails and Prices:Adidas Court Vantage – $32.30. You’re going to want to sign up for Adidas emails to knock another 15% off of the $38 price. These are a sweet deal and can be a good way to get into simple sneakers (see: CP alternatives) for small money. Full size run on these currently, shout out to /u/fromsqualortoballer for an excellent blog post on these last weekCity Streets Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt x 2: $14. White and maroon are my recommendations; they are the only ones with full size runs and they are fairly versatile.Arizona Long-Sleeve Uniform Shirt – 1 x $10.79 (Use discount code 22BUYNOW to get that price and free shipping) – If you’ve been around here and don’t have an OCBD yet, well here’s your chance. You can neatly roll up the sleeves on this and be good to go with shorts. White also available for the same price if you’re so inclined.Arizona Button-Front Shirt – 1 x $11.24 using same discount code as above. These are actually really great short sleeve shirts for the price. The navy nep has some cool details (including the contrast buttons) without being too flashy.Old Navy Shorts – Slim Linen AND Broken-in Khaki in Green – You can get both of these for $34 including $7 shipping by signing up for emails and getting 30% off of your next order.Pretty good amount of clothing for around $100. The only combo that may not work well here is the olive shorts with maroon polo.Total Cost: Adidas (32.30) + JCP ($36.03) + ON (34) = $102.33In the immortal words of jdbee:If you don’t like the style, the colors, or whatever, you should put together your own $100 kit and post it. If it’s too frat-douche or too New England preppy or too dad-ish or too grandpa-ish or too hipster or too colorful or too plain or too something else, this is your official invitation to make a better one. I don’t have any special skills at this – it’s mostly just waiting for sales on basics to align. It would be great to see more people doing these, in my opinion.
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