Business casual shoes to bridge the divide between work and play

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Business casual shoes to bridge the divide between work and play
I have read through the sidebar on shoe shopping guides as well as the several other posts that deal with this same question. I work in an office that dresses on the casual side of business casual (was literally asked why I dressed up when I work slacks with a button down and AE fifth avenues, no tie, no blazer). For my work I wear raw/dark wash denim, flat front khakis, or Flint and Tinder Tough pants Sometimes slacks when I feel like dressing up at work a little. I often wear all of these same things out as they transition or fit more squarely into casual clothing as well.What’s a good shoe that I can wear for work, play, dates, church, parties, etc.? Are there options besides plain-toed suede bluchers and red wings (I like these, but I want choices)?A few things worth noting are as follows:-I don’t want or need CDB’s or dress boots: I already own casual boots->Thorogood Dodgeville (’m open to suede, but would love something that has easier upkeep and needs less regular cleaning.-I’m not interested in loafers at the moment-I have AE Fifth Avenues in chili brown (
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