Adapting fashion to foreign countries

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Adapting fashion to foreign countries
I moved to Japan a couple years ago after living half of my life in the US, the other half in France. Fashion here is very different from the one I was used to, and especially different from the one in the US.Now that I’m trying to improve my style, I’m struggling a bit into mixing this sub’s advice with the local fashion.For example:90% of the male population is wearing OCDB (really well fit too), which makes it a very bland itemSuits are mostly seen as “boring 40yo who lives for his job”, and are definitely not something you wear for looking good, unless you go for the really fancy/expensive suitsNo CDB. Like, nowhere, except in some weird unusual outfits (not sure about that one, need to observe more)Note that those are just my observations, I might definitely be wrong.I’ve been trying to find a way to improve my local fashion sense, by going to “trendy” areas, trying to find trendy people and looking at what they are wearing. I’m taking notes both for men and women outfits, as women here do waaaaay more for their outfits than guys. I also collect pictures from local websites, fashion blogs in Japanese, etc.(on a related note, it also made me think about what fashion is: does it depend on what other people around you are wearing? Does it depend on what people around you expect you to be wearing? Is it just a personal thing?)I’m starting to notice some local trends, some popular items/brands, but it is a really long and tiring process, and I’m sure I’m making a lot of wrong assumptions/conclusions.Would you guys have any advice about how to understand a different fashion environment than the one you’re used to?And maybe some specific advice regarding fashion in Japan?
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