Kent Wang: Polo [Review]

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Kent Wang: Polo [Review]
Let me begin with a disclaimer stating that I am not, by any means, affiliated with Kent Wang and am only writing this review as a satisfied customer. With that being said here is my review, hope you enjoy!Some quick stats: Height: 6 ft 1 Weight: 156 lbs Wingspan: 6 ft 2.5 Waist: 29 inches Neck: 16 inchesIn the MFA community it seems that polo shirts are a controversial topic among users. The argument against polos is such: if the person isn’t in good shape polos will look awful, or if the polo is too long, or just has a bad fit in general, then it looks bad. However, these two arguments generally apply to all clothes, and is even stated in the sidelines: clothes will fit better on a fit body.Anyway, despite some arguing against it, I decided to check out Kent Wang’s navy polo from Kent Wang.INITIAL THOUGHTS (before trying it on)**The reason I bought the polo from Kent Wang rather than any other place that sells polo was mainly because of the collar. Collars can often make or break a shirt and I feel this rule applies especially to polos.The collar is made with two layers of fabric, rather than the usual one layer, so that it never lays flat. In my opinion, reinforcement in the collar like Kent Wang’s is a must in all polos; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wasted money on polos (of similar price) because the collars “baconed” after a few washes.As for the sleeves, i noticed that they weren’t ribbed, meaning that it would have a bit of a looser fit around the biceps. As a person who regular partakes in weightlifting, this was a bit disappointing (note: I, by no means, have huge arms as they’re only 16 inches, but it feels good to show what you have sometimes.) And as far as sleeve length goes they seemed to fall a few inches above my elbow, which is good but nothing worth raving about.FITAlthough I usually wear Mediums it is recommended that I try on a large since the polos tend to run a bit slim. At first I thought it was kinda crazy for me to try on a large because all though everywhere else fits fine, the waist of shirts tend to swim on me. Nonetheless I decided to try on a Large (slim fit), navy, polo. To my surprise, it truly was a slim fit as the waist was almost perfect for me, however there was some give in the lower back of the shirt. As for shirt length, it went all the way done to around the middle of my zipper so it allowed room to be tucked if wanted.As for the sleeves, it was as I expected: they were loose so they wouldn’t be hugging my arm but wasn’t baggy.Finally, the weight of the collar was totally different than expected. I thought it would be almost choking me because of how thick it looked, and although you can definitely feel the thickness, my neck felt totally comfortable.CONCLUSIONKent Wang does an excellent job of creating a well slim-fit polo at a decent price. Such a collar and quality is hard to find at other stores for a similar price, and I definitely recommend it to those with more of a preppy style.
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