Groom in Tuxedo while Groomsmen in Suits?

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Groom in Tuxedo while Groomsmen in Suits?
I will be getting married in a few months and have decided I wanted to wear a tuxedo. The tuxedos I have been taking a look at are these options from Suitsupply and Bonobos. Would appreciate any opinions on these options. was also thinking about having the groomsmen be in suits rather than a tuxedo and was wondering if this would be a good idea. I would rather have them purchase suits that can be worn in a variety of situations instead of a tuxedo that is more limiting. The color I was looking at was this from Suitsupply as well. this suit color be fine to match the black tux I will be wearing? If I am wearing a tuxedo, should the groomsmen also be in tuxedos?For shoes, I was planning on polishing and wearing the Allen Edmonds Carlyle. Would a patent leather shoe with high gloss be recommended or would the option I’ve provided be good enough for the wedding day?If suits are fine for the groomsmen, would it be recommended to have them in bow ties or ties?I understand if some of these questions are really based on my personal preference but I would like to know the opinions of this community as well. Thanks!
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