My review of Rutherford Gentlemen – Socks that get noticed

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My review of Rutherford Gentlemen – Socks that get noticed
Recently I ordered a box set of socks from Rutherford Gentlemen and I am so impressed with my purchase & overall experience that I created an account to post this review.I decided i’d like to try out a few of the different sock designs so I went with the “build your own box – 5 pack” it’s priced at $65 CAD, which is actually pretty fair considering the socks come in a well put together box, each pair is neatly wrapped. The whole presentation is very professional & formal.Each pair I’ve tried so far has been very comfortable, lightweight, soft. The designs are pretty cool too, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and comments while wearing “The Shuriken” they are quickly becoming my favourite pair. I’ve been mainly wearing the socks in my more formal office attire, however I’d say the designs go well with really any style.The customer service is pretty top notch too. Initially I placed an order with my address information incorrectly typed. When I called the number listed on the website, my problem was quickly corrected. The guy on the phone even gave me a product code for free shipping!
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