60 days to find a suit for my wedding

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60 days to find a suit for my wedding
Hey, y’all, I need some help.I’m having my wedding in about 60 days and due anxiety and procrastination, I’m still trying to figure out my suit situation. My biggest issue is that I’m US Military and I’ve never bought a suit in my life. I’ve tried to research the topic, but I’ve been overwhelmed by information that I just don’t quite understand (I’ve never had a sense of fashion: Band Ts, sweatpants and ill-fitting jeans. It’s a mystery how I ended up married.) This is one suit I’ve quite liked: http://www.menswearhouse.com/mens-suits/suit-tuxedos/black-by-vera-wang-gray-slim-fit-tuxedo-370R370U17Anyways, I think I want to rent the suit (I’ve probably got 10 more years in, when am I going to use it except at Christmas parties?) and that I’m going for a charcoal grey to nearly black color. We’re not going for super formal tuxedos, I just want to look good. The bridesmaids are wearing burgundy.My stats:5’9″34 inch waistPale complexionDark brown hair with dark red beardRectangular torsoFat ass and thighsOverseas, but I can get to Seattle, Korea, and Japan for freeSo my questions come down to:Does it really make sense to rent the suit or should I really buy it?Where should I be renting (or buying) from?The Vera Wang suit I linked is expensive, but doesn’t seem that special. Can I do better or the same for less?How screwed am I for how late I’m doing this?Thank y’all for your help. I just need some direction and guidance.
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