Polo Ralph Lauren brown leather wallet: a 10 year review

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Polo Ralph Lauren brown leather wallet: a 10 year review
Ten years ago I received a Polo Ralph Lauren wallet as a gift. I believe it is this model or at least that’s the closest thing they have currently. Although I didn’t use this wallet exclusively over the past decade, I will say I’ve used it for at least half a year every year and all year most years. This wallet has not had an easy life. It’s been dropped from cliffs, completely soaked more than once, washed and dried accidentally, and left in boxes of random shit to get scuffed and scratched. I will say it’s a bit worse for the wear but all in all it’s done a great job standing up to the abuse.Anyway, on to the pictures. All of the pictures will be included in an album I’ll link at the end.First thing is the exterior. If you look at the first picture in comparison to the brand new one, you can see it has taken a pretty dramatic patina. It was very gradual though, and I think the leather has aged extremely well. When I put my wallet in my back pocket, I usually am putting one side facing toward my body, while the other tends to be facing away. You can see there is a clear difference between the two. The butt side has a variety of cracks and has been worn away at the point of contact. I’m generally a pretty sweaty dude, so I’m sure the moisture contributed to the erosion. That said, it doesn’t look as bad in usual viewing as it does here close up in direct sunlight. The back side is pretty good except for some wrinkling but since this is the old man of wallets I can let it slide. You’ll also notice that the shape of the wallet has changed over time as well, getting thinner near the spine and wider at the edge, kind of like an axe head. I assume it has something to do with being pulled laterally by my bills and cards. Noticable, but not overwhelming. The stitching and leather in general have held up immensely well, with the only real degradation happening at the top and bottom of the spine where there isn’t any stitching.Next, the interior (forgive the shadow, it looks the same as the other side in that corner). Having been shielded from the outside world for the most part, it has held up pretty well and also gives a hint as to the color of the young leather. The interior lining is made mostly from a soft woven fabric that I’m pretty sure is synthetic. As far as I can tell, the color has not changed at all, and the parts not often used such as the secondary bill pouch are pristine. The one failing is the stitching around the edges of the card slots 1 2. The bottom part that actually holds the cars up is totally fine, but the inner side of the slots are pretty much open. Cards won’t fall out or anything, but when putting them back in the wallet they can sometimes poke out the side or get caught. Not a serious impediment to daily use, but unfortunate considering how well the rest has held up. If memory serves, this happened not too far into owning the wallet either, just a few years.General notes: I think of this wallet fondly, as a classy workhorse. I really like the patina it has acquired with age, and I’m impressed the leather still smells like leather after 10 years of heavy use. One strange thing that happens though is that over time “strings” begin to come off of the wallet around the edges. They feel thin and wispy, almost like cotton, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually from the leather. It requires me to actually trim around the edge of the wallet periodically. I don’t have any pictures since I trimmed it recently but if anyone really wants to know I can try to take a picture for them in a month or two when they will be back. Otherwise though, I’d generally recommend this wallet to anyone as a reliable, standard wallet.TL;DR great wallet, great leather, occasionally needs a shave, normal wear and tear for a wallet that’s been getting severely assed for the last decade. Here’s what it looks like.
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