ANNOUNCEMENT: Change in Simple Questions Rules in Now Live!

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
ANNOUNCEMENT: Change in Simple Questions Rules in Now Live!
THIS IS NOT THE SIMPLE QUESTIONS THREAD. THE THREAD YOU WANT IS RIGHT BELOW.On Tuesday we announced that we would be implementing some changes about the way that simple questions are asked in the sub. They are as follows:Short questions such as:Where can I buy these pants?I wear size x in these what should I size should i buy for this brand?Does this tie match this shirt?How do these jeans fit?Is this brand TTS?Belong in the ‘Simple Questions’ thread. We, and many users feel that the MFA experience could be streamlined. As such we are are introducing number of measures.A minimum word limit (TBC) will be imposed on all self-posts with a prompt from Automoderator directing users to re-ask their question in the ‘Simple Questions’ thread and removing the post.Through this word limit, clearer guidelines on what constitutes a ‘simple question’ and vigilant moderating we hope to improve the way questions are asked. Detailed and in-depth questions will still be allowed as long as they are over the word limit.However, posts that ask what is essentially a simple question in more than 100 words should still be reported. For example, if someone gives 100 words of background on their measurements but then just asks if a brand runs TTS, that should still go to Simple Questions.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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