Dressing for hot weather in conservative Islamic/Muslim countries

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Dressing for hot weather in conservative Islamic/Muslim countries
So in about a month I’m going to be heading to Morocco for a bit of recreational travel, both to cities and more rural areas. Usually in hot weather I wear T shirts and shorts that show my knees, however online advice I have read indicates that its advisable for the knees to be covered and for men to wear full sleeves in some circumstances.I have jeans, chino pants and a collared uniqlo business shirt, however I was hoping to get some advice on what kind of items I could pick up in Europe or while I’m there that would allow me to cover up like this but would keep me cool.Is it possible at all to pull off 3/4 shorts nowdays? Are there lightweight men’s alternatives to things like harem pants that some women wear? Keep in mind I will probably be wearing sneakers or leather hiking boots the entire time.I am eager to hear perspectives from anyone, whether your expertise is fashion and clothes or whether you know specifically about local culture and expectations.
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