Items you would love to own that unfortunately don’t come in a color you like

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Items you would love to own that unfortunately don’t come in a color you like
So, recently I’ve been working on determining what the next steps I want to take in fleshing out my wardrobe and more fully realizing my style are. For future reference, I’d describe my style as sort of a mix between workwear, punk, and minimalism – insofar as I like a lot of the pieces generally associated with Americana/Workwear (eg, chore coats, wool/textured garments, quality and utilitarianism), but I also gravitate to a darker color palette a la punk (black, greys, dark reds/greens) and some pieces generally connected to that style (Dr. Martens, black jeans, denim jackets, sleek mixed with chunky).However, the real problems start when I mix in my minimalist tendencies. I don’t like the idea of owning 10-15 pairs of shoes/boots to cover all my bases for every occasion, so ideally almost everything in my wardrobe would match each other to greater and lesser extents.Getting to the point of this post and the instance that kicked off me thinking about this topic, I was recently looking to buy a new pair of shoes and decided that I liked the look of Blucher Mocs/Trail Oxfords/whatever the hell some random manufacturer wants to call them as an alternative to the somewhat prevalent boat shoes or camp mocs you usually see during summer. I decided on the LL Bean Signature Jackman Blucher Mocs but was dissapointed they only came in various shades of brown or black (like most workwear/americana/traditional footwear). I got a false sense of hope from a reddit post which showed off the more red-colored variant of the blucher mocs, but was quickly dismayed when I talked to LL Bean customer service asking if the Copper Brown Bluchers were out of stock or put on hold for a while and found out that they had discontinued the Blucher Mocs in that color.This is a common problem I have when it comes to buying clothes and trying to plan out how well they’d work with the rest of my wardrobe, because on one hand I don’t want my wardrobe dominated by browns and earth tones specifically, but on the other hand it is rather difficult to find a lot of the pieces I want in a color that actually interests me or matches my wardrobe (see also: trying to buy a decent quality pullover hoodie in a color other than black, grey, or white – you can only have so much black and grey in your wardrobe before it becomes difficult to go anywhere without being called goth). Another problem that pops up with this kind of thing is the issue of price. Sure the LL Bean bluchers don’t come in any necessarily awesome colors, but Rancourt and Quoddy have some interesting alternatives (albeit still predominantly browns or in a navy option that I don’t necessarily think I’d like), but these “alternatives ” cost 3x as much as the Bean Bluchers or Sebago/ and Bass equivalents.So, TLDR; my question is, MFA, what are some items that you guys have been interested in buying, but hesitated on because they didn’t come in a color that complemented your wardrobe or only came in colors you saw as boring or that didn’t interest you?
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