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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015 or Combatant Gentlemen Scam
New customers hoping to get into the suit game be warned – I have purchased from this company for many years and during the first couple years I received 75% of my orders without an issue. Mostly chinos and shirts, a few suits, had to get my closet looking fresh.Over time I have received as many apologies as I have emails about clearances and discounts, and I have decided this company needs to close down for good.This post is hopefully going to be read by their backers, family, and investors, anyone giving the CEO money.Combatant Gentlemen is a scam taking advantage of the best of us – naive thrifty shoppers doing their best to buy nice clothing while saving as much as possible. It’s difficult to find good clothing at the “too broke for Hugo” price for work so a company that can solve that is a golden goose.The problem is Combat Gent is NOT that golden goose, not by a long shot. Go to their Irvine location in Orange County located at:16842 Von Karmen Ave Suite #450 – they are there and if you live in the area I suggest you stop by to see who you a really purchasing from. I have a friend who works there and is currently looking for a new job – she has been burnt out by all the lies she is forced to tell the customers in order to receive her paycheck.Customer service is based on how long they can hold onto your money and get the customer to accept their delay and apology. It’s very scary to think this company is still open for business. They literally take your Credit Card information and charge you and then the product doesn’t arrive and each time this happens it’s either an issue with the shipping container going MIA – the factory being delayed.. Why is this the customers problem??What is this called then? This is not consumerism or exchanging currency for goods, how can this be allowed? This is essentially you getting charged and receiving nothing then having to work at getting your product or refund until you end up contacting your credit company.I am a supporter of young companies trying to produce a product and means to give the world nicer smarter things, Combatant Gentlemen is not one of those companies. They have lied, schemed, scammed, and burned so many bridges at this point I don’t see how they can last another 6 months.If the company was honest – why are there SO MANY of the same comments, posts, issues on Reddit or elsewhere exposing them for the con-artists they actually are? Why are so many customers going out of their way to shed some light? What do you do when your friends tell you they hate their jobs, they are paid well enough to keep doing it but it’s ruining their self-worth and self-esteem…COMBAT GENT teaches young employees that stealing and lying is the way to go, that taking money from customers and answering calls telling the customer directly there is nothing to worry about when we all know the order was never going to arrive in the first place… Not to mention timely fashion – IE prom. weddings. interviews.(CEO – When you say my suit will arrive and I order MONTHS in advance and the day comes where I need it and I STILL DONT HAVE IT, CEO what do you say then?)Any thoughts from the Investors?this guy knows:
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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