Movie Discussion: 7/12 David Lynch

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Movie Discussion: 7/12 David Lynch
Hey y’all. /u/thonyfst fucked up this week and didn’t write a post for the film discussion so he turned it over to me. I also didn’t have anything for it, but at least I had my laptop so I can hopefully get some good images for you to start some discussion.David Lynch has consistently directed his films one of the most striking visual styles of the past half century. While Lynch has been active in the industry since he attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the mid-late 1960’s, it was his successes with 1977’s Eraserhead and 1980’s The Elephant Man that cemented his reputation as an oddball director who is able to create an unearthly atmosphere in any film he wishes. Lynch has gone on to direct such critically acclaimed films as Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire. The recent revival of his 1990-1991 TV show Twin Peaks has brought many people back to take a second look at some of his films they might have missed earlier.Lynch takes much of his distinct visual style from paintings he loves. This video essay on the art that has influenced Lynch is a great watch, and features many well-known artists (including one of my absolute favorite artists, Edward Hopper).What are your thoughts on Lynch’s work? Have any albums of shots from Lynch films or articles about his work you particularly like? Discuss them here.
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