Wearing nice clothes and sweating…

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Wearing nice clothes and sweating…
I think this is a direct correlation to how your body reacts to wearing nice clothes, or just maybe me. I recently had to wear a nice outfit, button down with a fancy tie, and some nice slacks for a wedding. ALl my life, I have suffered from what seems to be signs of excessive sweating localized in certain areas of my body, forehead, back, armpits etc.It’s quite somewhat annoying, as it means that I can’t recycle outfits. Being a follower of this subreddit, I often like to rewear multiple items before they really have to be washed. Some of you might consider this unhygenic, but I like to think of my items as having a finite number of washes. Eventually, there will come a point in which the item can no longer be worn because it is not presentable. So, the more numbers of wears I can utilize it for, per the least number of washes, will most benefit me greatly, and give me the most bang for my buck.Anyways, I can never seem to wear any nice clothes, without seemingly needing to sweat through almost 75% of the fabric. It’s kind of insane, because now that we are approaching summer in the states, it almost always requires me to wash every clothing item, after every wear.Thanks for reading.
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