Early Morning Thursdays: All Good Things Come to an End

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Early Morning Thursdays: All Good Things Come to an End
Welcome back to EMT actually on Thursdays. I drank enough caffeine this morning to actually wake up but immediately thought of the hell of my days and wished I hadn’t drank coffee. So I decided to make this post instead.A lot of stores and brands are closing or going out of business in this day and age. Venerable stores and brands that for many years were the height of fashion are reeling from the rise of e-commerce, or just shifting tastes of consumers. Colette, the quintessential Parisian cool-kid store, announced that it would be closing its doors in December after being open for 20 years. Lanvin has gone into a tailspin after Alber Elbaz left. Smaller men’s stores are closing left and right, and not because they don’t have a good selection.What’s going to happen to this? How do you think the menswear industry will move forward – who are the new players? E-commerce is obviously the future, but judging by how much this sub cries about “not finding the right fit of clothes without trying them on”, will retail still remain a large part of the industry?Roundup:BoF on Colette’s closureDesign Milk on Allan BaudoinLanvin’s pretty much dead at this point
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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