How do I make my clothes truly represent my “identity”?

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How do I make my clothes truly represent my “identity”?
I say identity because “style” just doesn’t seem appropriate. I’ve read the sidebar and even Developing Personal Style 2.0 doesn’t cover what I mean. It goes beyond colours and sizes and outfits. I mean literally the identity of who you are. How do you make your clothes accurately represent you?I’ve struggled for a long time with being “me”. I’ve lost all idea of what my “identity” is. The clothes I wear are a mismatch of items that others have given me or items that used to define me or ones I think help me fit in.I went through a rough period of poor mental health where I became a social chameleon. I mimicked people’s dress sense in an attempt to fit in. At the time this was black jeans and nondescript t-shirts, with whatever shoes the majority of people in the social circle I hung around in wore. Eventually I burned out and became more socially withdrawn until I just stopped socialising all together. A big reason for this was the cognitive disonance – trying to look “acceptable” (I know this isn’t possible now) Vs. being authentic and honest (which I definitely wasn’t).Now, I know I need to do something. I can’t go outside and feel comfortable as I am, but I also feel modern fashion just doesn’t accurately reflect me. Is this a problem everyone goes through when making an effort to dress better? Is this a compromise that I have to make?What would /r/malefashionadvice’s advice be?
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