May I have some recommendations for stylish work clothes?

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May I have some recommendations for stylish work clothes?
I got a new job working at a startup packaging company. There aren’t a lot of us, so It’s an “all hands on deck” situation right now until we hire more employees and get more equipment. My main job is doing CAD work and talking with the company that makes our programs for us (in the office), but pretty much all of us run production in the warehouse as well. So here is what I’m looking for!Jeans A. Straight cut/slightly thinner than straight? (sorry, not familiar with technical terms B. Comfortable – Lots of bending, kneeling, walking in near 100* building C. Affordable – I know a decent pair of jeans isn’t going to be $10, but I don’t want to spend a load of money ($100+) on jeans that are probably going aren’t going to last all that long.Shirts Everyone at work wears 2 button polos and I would like to match. Recommendations for comfortable, breathable, polos?Socks Again comfortable, breathable, going to be worn with Clark brown lace-up boots.Any other advice on the subject of being fashionable while working is greatly appreciated!
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