Shirt-stays that stay on your shirt: A guide to making them not suck.

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Shirt-stays that stay on your shirt: A guide to making them not suck.
I’ve worn shirt-stays hundreds, if not thousands, of times since I started when I was 17, on the advice of a military friend. If you’ve worn them, you know how great they can make you look–clean, tucked, slim–even with a poorly fitted shirt.At the same time, you know that they will pretty much always come off, or you will have to reduce their tension so that they stay attached to your shirt.Don’t buy “nicer” shirt-stays. Go to any fabric store and buy iron-on patches instead. You have two options here.A) Iron them directly into the hem of the shirt, and cut a circle into them for your shirt-stay clamp to go through. Obviously this does cut the shirt itself.B) Iron them into place, extending below the hem, and cut a hole into that for the clamp. The worst damage this does to the shirt is some residue if you remove the patches later (a problem that is easy to fix with advesive remover.)Note: These patches should be on both sides of the fabric–you can iron two patches of the same size together for option B. ^ Pictures and proof. You’ll see a kettlebell hanging from one of these loops.
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