Bought Giorgio Armani sunglasses off ebay…could they be fake?

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Bought Giorgio Armani sunglasses off ebay…could they be fake?
Heyo, so I bought this frame for Giorgio Armani (AR6001) because it’s the one I liked the most from just about any type of glasses I’ve ever seen/had. I had to get them off ebay because it seems its a discontinued model.It seems the frame is VERY sensitive, but it came with almost everything (box, little cloth bag, even the little paperwork for insurance in several languages). I looked just about everywhere and it seems very legit despite not coming with the cleaning cloth. All letters are consistent, made in italy, all fonts are exact and well done, the whole frame has a very expensive feel to it (albeit sensitive)My problem was that just yesterday one of the lenses popped out of the frame and I had to put some strength to push it back in. It seems the lenses were being held on by a plastic string (?), which I don’t know if it’s;dr I’d like to ask 2 things: Is it normal for a $150 sunglasses to pop out lenses so easily and seem fragile? And is there a similar style of sunglasses (AR6001 armani, square aviators, not curved, lenses not too big) that is similar, if not equal but not as sensitive? I want those type of squareish aviators without being too big if possible. These are perfect but the fragility kind of kills it for me since I need prescription lenses and I’m not sure if it’s worth investing on such sensitive pair of sunglasses.Thanks a lot, sorry for the long text.
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