Please Remember: Fashion Has No Rules

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Please Remember: Fashion Has No Rules
Logic behind this postIf I see one million white swans in a row, I cannot know for certain all swans are white. Conversely: if I see one black swan, I know for certain not all swans are white.Rephrasing this: since one small observation can disprove a statement, while millions can hardly prove it, disconfirmation is more rigorous than confirmation.If we apply this to fashion then we could have the example: If I see one million terrible looking fedora outfits, I cannot know for certain all fedora outfits are terrible. Conversely: if I see one good looking fedora outfit, I know for certain not all fedora outfits are bad. Why is this relevant?Often times, MFA and others use definite rules when it comes to fashion advice. Which is often wrong and I believe can be limiting to self-expression/overly prescriptive. Reddit communities tend to have aesthetics which will get upvotes or recommended. Insert well photographed Yeezy/Supreme combination on /r/streetwear and you’ll likely would do well. Same on /r/malefashion with some faux-edgy photography of a blacked out Rick Owens/SLP boot fit. What does this mean?Wearing any combination of clothes can be fashionableYou as an individual finding something fashionable means that it is fashionableYou should not cancel things out of your wardrobe because fashion forums “do not find them fashionable”Conventional advice can be right however can also be wrong. Just because your shoe colour does not directly relate to your belt colour is okay, experiment and have fun with fashion! Breaking the “rules” can lead to some really cool styles. Tl;drNo rules in fashionUpvotes =/= fashionableJust you do you, and listen to yourself more.
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