Levi’s 541s are disgustingly small

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Levi’s 541s are disgustingly small
So lately I’ve been looking for a good pair of black denim and have bought several from levis. I first got the 512s which crushed my thighs. Then, I got the 501cts because I thought they were supposed to have more thigh room. But I couldn’t even close them around my waist! I have small calves so I wanted a smaller leg opening.I decided to get 541s because I already own 541s in rigid dragon that fit well. So today they came in in my usual size (31×34).They are DISGUSTINGLY tight. How can levi’s call this an athletic fit if they squeeze my thighs when I barely squat above 2 plates?? I’m not even a big lifter and the top block is skin tight. To top it all off, there is so much stretch to these jeans that they feel like leggings. As someone who got used to the rigid dragons, these jeans feel nasty to wear. And they look weird too. Because they are so tight in the top but baggy below the knee, they drape very weirdly and I would never wear them.https://imgur.com/a/MI1rZ?s=fbm&ncHere’s how they fit. As you can see, you can see the pocket liners and the jeans below the knee drape really weirdly because of the spandex material.Where can I get a black denim that feels and drapes like actual denim and not leggings? And not super expensive either? Is it so much to ask for something tapered with the feel and drape of my 541s in rigid dragon?
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