Review: Ted Baker Theeyo Sneakers

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Review: Ted Baker Theeyo Sneakers
Hey guys,First review here ever, so any pointers or constructive criticism on how these posts could be better would be appreciated.Overview PicsAnyhow, I realized that after being alive for 19 years that I have never had a pair of all white shoes in my wardrobe, which is honestly a real shame because I feel like they pair well with so many potential outfits.I’d been digging these CPs for the longest time now (kind of see them everywhere in NYC), but I’ve never been a big enough sneakerhead to drop 400 bucks on a pair of casual shoes. So about a week ago I decide to pick up these Theeyo’s that I see at Ted on sale; primarily because of the resemblance of the CPs and they have that slight flare that Ted Baker always brings with their stuff.Pros – I think at the price point of about ~$120, definitely gives you the same curb appeal of a pair of CPs, sans the gold serials on the heel- but imo the gold text on the side looks just as killer – Sizing is comfortable, I’ve tried on a few pairs of CPs before, a they fit me a bit loose up top and at the heel, but these wrap around my feet perfectly – The color combo on the insides of this shoe with the white leather honestly makes it pop. Never too flashy, but it has that kind of subtle difference maker that Ted kinda does with their dress shirts that I love.Cons – The leather quality definitely isn’t bad, but I’ve seen better. This pair of Cole Haan sneakers definitely had a better feel when I tried them on. The Teds are just….a bit stiff I guess would be the right word to describe them; I possibly just need to break the leather in a bit but everytime I put them on now I kinda cringe at how much they crease near the toecap, though from afar its not as noticeable. – The comfort is good, but at a retail price point of near $200 I honestly expected a more comfortable step. The sole is thick, but kind of like the leather it’s a bit rigid, you don’t get that air to your step that you do with a similar cole haan sneaker for the same price or the CPs.Verdict: Not the best pair of sneakers I’ve bought, but definitely my first pair of white leather sneaks and I’m pretty happy with them. Hopefully once everything breaks in it’ll be an even better shoe; in the meantime I’m thinking of copping a pair of those Grand Cross sneakers from Cole Haan or just biting down and doling out the $400 for CPs. CP owners let me know what you think, if you’ve had a comparable pair of leather sneaks, or if those are truly in a league of their own; I’d love to hear it.In the meantime, some flat lays of the outfits that I’ve come to pair these babies with:Fit 1Shorts: Polo Ralph LaurenPolo: Armani ExchangeFit 2Shorts: TheoryPolo: LacosteFit 3Coat: BurberryShirt: TheoryDenim: Rag & Bone
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