Black Lapel Experiences?

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Black Lapel Experiences?
I lift, which gives me sort of a unique build that’s hard to size up.To be specific, at last measure:5’11, 235lbs.Waist – 39 inches (measured just above belly button)Chest – 48 1/2 inches (measured just above nipple)Shoulders- 54 inchesArms – 17 1/2 inchesNeck – 18 inchesCalves – 16 1/2 inchesQuads – 26 3/4 inchesForearms 14 1/2 inchesI’ve been to pretty much every suiting store you can imagine. I’ve tried separates from a half dozen different brands. I’ve been fitted at Brooks Brothers and at Suit Supply. Brooks Brothers straight up told me that they couldn’t fit me well enough, I’d have to go bespoke, which would probably be too expensive given my age (early 20’s), so I left without a suit…and I did end up getting a suit at Suit Supply, because I desperately needed one, but I’m not 100% happy with the fit, and they again said the only way to get it to really fit right on my frame was bespoke.So I’ve been looking into online options for getting a suit completely custom, and Black Lapel seems to be a good choice for the price.Just wanted to know if anyone got a suit from there and it worked out. I’m obviously looking for a fit where It accents the fact that I lift, instead of being really tight in the wrong places, and really loose in the wrong places, which just makes me look simply overweight.
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