Lost a significant amount of weight. Is it worth getting my clothes tailored to fit better vs. just buying new ones?

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Lost a significant amount of weight. Is it worth getting my clothes tailored to fit better vs. just buying new ones?
For context here I lost about 100+ pounds over the course of 8 months last year, and have basically stayed at my current weight (210-220) for the last year. I threw out a TON of clothes that were just crazy big on me, and fairly cheap (basic t-shirts that were xxl and pants that were 40+ in the waist), but I also bought a lot of clothes in that process that I liked that were closer to the XL/L range. I can now fit into a medium (although it’s a fairly tight fit depending on the clothes), and fit into a 34 jean pretty comfortably.I’m facing this dilemma though where some of my clothes that were in the XL/L range are now just a biiiittt too baggy for me to find them comfortable. Some of my favorite shirts though are in this range, and I don’t exactly want to just toss them out. I’m not planning on losing much more weight anytime soon as well.My question is, would it be worth it to take in shirts that cost me probably less than 20 bucks each for some tailoring? Does anyone have any experience doing this, and was it worth the price? I’m a pretty cheap college student, so if I could get some of these clothes taken in for cheaper than it would cost to buy more, I would totally be down (buying a whole new wardrobe can be pretty damn expensive, especially since this would be my second to third one in less than 2 years).Thanks! I did a cursory look through the sidebar, and didn’t see anything addressing this issue exactly. If there was something I missed though, feel free to point it out to me!–For added context, I do live in a large city (Phoenix) with plenty of tailoring shops nearby. Because of the weather there isn’t much of a winter vs. summer wardrobe thing going on down here, so my wardrobe essentially stays the same all year round. These are not super nice brands where it would obviously make sense to pay someone to tailor them, but are more in that midrange of clothes hopping between H&M/Old Navy/Gap area.
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