Need a bit of help with an upcoming summer wedding. Pic inside.

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Need a bit of help with an upcoming summer wedding. Pic inside.
Hello, I need some help with colour. I have a casual (was told by wedding party to not wear a jacket) outdoor summer wedding coming up. I’ve decided to wear some cotton dress pants, with a dress shirt and tie.This is what I was looking at today, bought the pants cause they were on deep sale and held off on the tie and shirt. HereThe colour didn’t come through very well on the pants, they’re actually a dark navy.Originally I wasn’t sure what colour shirt I was going to wear, but I knew I wanted a bit of lavender in my tie to match my date’s dress. Not enough to go full on senior prom but a small amount to complement.I was talked into the lavender shirt but I really don’t like the combo. The problem is I don’t know what other colour shirt to wear instead. What colour would go well with the pants, as well as allowing a bit of lavender in the tie. I’m not set on that tie specifically, so if anybody has some other inspo I would be more than happy to see that too.Lastly, my shoe situation. I have some AE mora 2.0 in black. Now, I know some brown/walnut/tan would go better but there’s honestly nowhere around me to buy any other than cheap $100 that will fall apart. Is there a way to incorporate my black moras into the fit?Thanks so much!
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