Solution to sweating through underwear?

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Solution to sweating through underwear?
Over the last few years my ass has just decided it wants to be wet 24/7. No matter what I do, my ass is sweating. I’m not so much worried about it from a comfort standpoint. The problem is if I sit on a hard surface for more than 30 minutes, I will literally sweat through my shorts. Like I stand up and there’s just a dark circle on my ass. It’s the worst. In the winter it’s fine I can just wear thick jeans and deal with it. In the summer though, my asshole is post Katrina New Orleans and I can’t just wear thick pants in 85 degree weather. I went on a date last night and legit put a big black style manpon ( paper towel in my ass, not to keep the mud out but in a desperate attempt to not stand up and have my shorts dripping. It kinda worked I guess. I thought about going to the bathroom and blowdrying my shorts but we were right near the bathroom and she’d probably hear it =/ I told my parents about my situation one night when we were having dinner. They thought it was hilarious and didn’t believe me. I stood up and showed them the giant sweat stain on my ass at that exact moment. I was so close to guilt tripping them into paying for laser removal of the sweat glands in my ass, but they didn’t go for it. I managed to get an extra pair of underwear out of All Citizens for my problem once though!, my question is what in the world do I do about this? Is there some perfect underwear solution that other guys have found? Do I just cake my asshole in baby powder every morning before I leave the house? I can’t be the only one with the spirit of Poseidon inhabiting my ass.
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