Unusual Office Fashion Culture in the Music Industry

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Unusual Office Fashion Culture in the Music Industry
So, I have a kind of unique problem when it comes to my office culture. I work in the music industry, and every single day is effectively casual Friday. There’s more than a handful of people who come in sweats, and given that they regularly give out graphic tees from all the bands we work with there’s a large amount of these kind of clothes as well.I’d like to dress nicer for work in general as I go other places after work. However, I’m uncertain I’ll be able to do that without looking totally out of place at work.Typically I wear dark jeans, converse, and a non-graphic tee to work as that seems to stand out the least and I have no desire to really peacock at work in terms of fashion. However, I’m a bit torn as I feel kind of bad knowing I have a corporate office job, and a decent amount of pay… and then I’m effectively discouraged from dressing up for work. I’ll admit I never expected to run into this situation when I went to school.So, any advice on what I can do given the unusual fashion setting of my workplace? I thought about maybe switching to wearing oxford button downs to work, but I’m unsure if that’ll be a bit much.
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