Can this be altered? Photos in post

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Can this be altered? Photos in post
So I’m in awkward position of being tall and thin. 6 ft 1″ (184cm) with 33″ (83cm)waist/ 34″(86) hips . So finding right size clothing is difficult, always best of bad situation. Usually waist is too tight or swimming. So I usually get them altered.BUT I just ordered these trousers *photos1 *photos2 *photos3(I got the black ones but included beige as easier to see connecting strap on upper back) as you can see they have braces attached by buttons, and on upper back the braces have a horizontal connecting strap. they are UK 36 so the waist will be too big , so if I need to get waste taken in what will happen to braces? I was thinking that gap between front buttons would remain same width but back buttons would get closer thus meaning straps would not sit flush with my body. Maybe could move back buttons to?  I only have few days to return once they arrive so time is ticking. What can be done? is it doomed to failure?Thanks for any help or advice you can provide
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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