Creating an personal uniform for IT enviroment.

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Creating an personal uniform for IT enviroment.
Hi everyone, I am trying to renovate my look with an outfit that becomes my personal uniform. I am in my 40s, owner of a small tech company and half of the time I work in the office and the other half visiting clients or in meetings. The objective is developing a personal uniform that 1) looks appropiate in an important meeting. 2) not too formal for everyday use in a relaxed IT enviroment. 3) classic but subtle indicates that I am in a technological industry. I usually have a de facto uniform: blue non distressed jeans or khaky chinos, white/light blue OCBD, v neck blue or burgundy sweater and brown dress boots. Sometimes with a navy or grey blazer depending on the pants (almost like a 2014 mfa uniform) I am pretty confident using this capsule wardrobe everyday but I feel like it lacks a distinctive techie flavor and also is too generic. I’ve tried spicing it up using sneakers (white adidas samba, plain white leather, burgundy vans sk8 hi tops, black leather sk8 vans) but I am not 100% confident using that kind of sneakers in a meeting, specially with a blazer and a ocbd. Do you think a tshirt instead of a ocbd will be ok? using a different jacket? perhaps leather? also incorporating some black pieces in the outfit will help? thanks for your help. Please forgive my english, I am from Argentina.
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