Movie Discussions: 7/26 The Coen Brothers

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Movie Discussions: 7/26 The Coen Brothers
The Coen Brothers’ filmography stretches across genres and settings, each movie unique yet distinctively marked with their signature style. The Big Lebowski takes place in a decidedly different universe than No Country for Old Men, but the rhythm of a Coen Brothers movie is obvious in each, from the stark dialogue to the clever editing to the staccato pacing of their films. Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted like O Brother, Where Art Thou? or Hail, Caesar! or something more serious like Inside Llewyn Davis or True Grit, you’re likely to find a Coen Brothers movie to suit the mood.A distinctive feature of the Coen Brothers is to use a wide angle lens during otherwise simple dialogue scenes to show the viewer the scene’s background along with the characters. Even if the movie only spends a single scene with a character, one can quickly pick up on what sort of person each character is and their relationship with their surroundings. It’s a valuable technique, especially with some of their more “vignette based” movies, which feel more like collections of scenes in contrast to films with a more standard pace. It draws you into the scene rather than making you feel like an impartial observer simply watching the events unfold. It makes tragedy more visceral and comedy more hilarious, and in a Coen Brothers film, you can definitely expect both.If you’re only familiar with the Big Lebowski and haven’t seen their full range, definitely take the time to watch some of their movies on the other end of the spectrum. (sftf’s note: try starting with Raising Arizona or Fargo).Favorite Coen Brothers movie? Standout scenes that still stick with you? Characters that made a strong impression? Share any images you liked from their filmography and any thoughts you have on this discussion. As always, feedback is welcome.Thanks to /u/setfiretoflames for editing and for covering me last time.
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