Should I Wear These Glasses Or Keep On Searching?

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Should I Wear These Glasses Or Keep On Searching?
So I have a rare condition which makes my vision extremely light sensitive, and now that I’ve been diagnosed I need to wear a special sort of lenses 24/7 that essentially look like mirrored sunglasses from the outside.I went shopping for some frames today and got some which did a very good job at blocking out incoming light (which I need) and which I thought looked quite good at the store (pic:, when I got home I kept looking at myself in the mirror and I thought the frames look a bit weird and way too big, especially when seen from the front (pic:, and yes, I know I need to shave).Since then I’ve been considering whether I should return these frames and keep on searching. Here’s the thing: Above all, my glasses need to block incoming light, and these ones did a very good job at that. So as long as they don’t look completely weird and ridiculous, I think I’d get used to them eventually and hopefully be confident wearing them. I just can’t tell if I’m being paranoid or if it’s actually worth it to keep on searching.All help and opinions are appreciated!P.S. My daily clothing style is as you see in the first picture, polos with khaki shorts or pants, hoping the glasses won’t be too out of style with what I wear.
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