Can we get a thread on the genuine quality of Dr. Martens?

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Can we get a thread on the genuine quality of Dr. Martens?
Hi all,I have been reading a ton on here and other forums, and one thing that constantly comes up regarding Dr. Martens boots is that their quality went to crap after manufacturing went to Asia. However, I have never seen anything other than anecdotal evidence to support the claim. The majority of comments seem to rely on the assumption that just because they’re manufactured in Asia, then by default they must be inferior quality. But, a huge factor in over-seas manufacturing is wages. Workers in Asia just don’t need to be paid as much, so the labour might be cheaper but that doesn’t mean the manufacturing process and skill of the workers is any less, unless you’re specifically buying cheap products. I find it hard to believe that a company built on the durability of it’s product would suddenly drop it’s standards to such a low level as what people say. Many of the comments I read appear to be echoing what they’ve read by somebody else online and not from their own experience.I have read a few accounts of soles cracking or leather ripping within a week or two, but that can be dismissed as a quality control issue. Like any product, a bad item will always slip through now and again.Every long-time DM wearer I know has never said a bad thing about them, so I was hoping to get a discussion going about the whole quality thing. I suppose this discussion should only be applied to their traditional boots and not the newer, more trendy fabric versions.
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