Replace worn dress shirt collars with white contrast collar?

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Replace worn dress shirt collars with white contrast collar?
I’ve never worn the contrast collar and while I know it has some connotations, I do think it can look pretty damn good.I have bespoke dress shirts that are 5+ years old and still in great condition… except for the collars. The folded section the fabric is starting to wear. I suppose this part of a shirt is bound to do that if you wear the shirts a lot. I couldn’t have taken better care of the shirts.I don’t want to not wear them anymore and without replacing the collars, I really won’t be able to soon.Obviously can’t match the fabric/color exactly (even if had the same fabric, mine are likely faded, even if slightly) so need to just go with white.Anyone ever do this? The nice thing would be that then these shirts can have the collars continually replaced (assuming I keep the rest of shirt in good shape) if I want. The cuffs are fine and assume I don’t need to match the collar and cuffs right?Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.These are mostly solid colors btw. Blue, pink, lavender. I have a blue check too. My white shirts I might see if I can find a fabric match though.
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