Proper Oxford Lace Gap (undecided between EE vs. EEE)

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Proper Oxford Lace Gap (undecided between EE vs. EEE)
I have two shoes in Allen Edmonds ‘5’ last; however, I am undecided which width to go with or which width gives me the proper lace gap. walnut strands are 7.5 2E. In terms of fit, they feel comfortably snug (maybe a little bit of pressure on my pinky toe). The vamp and the tongue put a little bit of pressure on the top of my foot, but nothing painful or aggressively tight. These walnuts have only been worn 3-4 times, so I suspect they still have a bit to break in. The lace gap however, seems a bit wide. At its widest point, its ~ 0.75 inches across. Does it appear too wide (i.e. the shoe seem too narrow?)?On the other-hand, my oxblood park aves are 7.5 3E. I wouldn’t describe these as ‘snug’. While my feet aren’t ‘swimming’ in the shoe, I can definitely feel that there is a lot more space inside the park aves compared to the strands. My feet still do fill the shoes though with absolutely no pressure points. If I press the sides of the shoe, I can still feel my feet directly underneath the leather with no indentation. In this case, the laces are pulled all the way closed. Do these shoes appear too wide? These shoes also haven’t been worn all that much- maybe about 4-5 time. I am a bit worried that they will continue to loosen up and then I won’t have any space left to tighten the upper.I would love to hear your opinions though! Will the strands stretch a bit more and allow for a smaller lace gap?
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